Our After-School Karate Program is designed for hard working parents to have peace-of-mind that your child is in a safe environment after their school day, while learning valuable skills to help them flourish. It has been proven that martial arts alone improves a child’s focus, respect, confidence, self-control and self-discipline. It has also been proven that these martial arts-learned skills improve grades and set children up to get ahead in school.

Don’t settle for daycare! By participating in our After School Karate Program, your child learns valuable martial arts skills in traditional Shorin-Ryu Karate. Students receive time to work on homework taking some of the load of you after a long day. All After School Program participants have time for a snack, play games and make new friends.

We pick up at your child’s school! That’s right - we pick up from Shayne, Nolensville, Sunset and Mill Creek Elementary schools five days per week including half-days. No need to worry about them until 6:30pm, and by that time they have trained martial arts, learned new skills, completed homework and are ready for quality time at home. With costs much less than daycare and so much more to offer.

If your child has tried that mass child county run program or high numbers daycare and hated it. You need to call us. We have a very personal relationship with our families and strive to bring you the best after school care experience possible. We're already receiving calls for 2017/2018. Don't delay - Call today!

Call today and sign-up for Transport After School Karate! 615.776.4010!!