Serving Nolensville, Sunset, Mill Creek and Shayne Elementary Schools for 2019/2020.

Update: 07/24/19 - Spaces for Shayne Elementary are filling up FAST! Don’t procrastinate - Register ASAP!


The mission of our after school is to provide quality care in a safe and educational environment. We utilize Karate training, sports activities, and mat chats to teach children the importance of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


  • After School Pick Up

  • Homework Time

  • Time for Afternoon Snack & Drinks

  • Karate Classes

  • Safe - Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas

  • Full Day Child Care on Teacher Work Days

  • FREE 1/2 Days for Inservice Days

  • After School Hours 3:30pm to 6:30pm


How do I know if Transport After School Karate is the right after school program for my child?
If you like the idea of a structured program that concentrates on developing children mentally and physically then this may very well be the ideal program for your child.We teach valuable life skills such as RESPECT, SELF-DISCIPLINE, and GOAL SETTING. Children in our program learn to develop a “Black Belt Attitude” in all aspects of life, not just in their martial arts training.  Best of all, our martial arts programs instill SELF CONFIDENCE, one of the most important ingredients to becoming a successful, emotionally sound, individual.


What age children can attend this program?
We accept boys and girls from K through 4th in MNPS schools and K through 5 in WCS schools.

Will this program help my child if they have lots of extra energy or if they have ADHD?
Yes. Research has proven that martial arts training has been very effective in helping kids with ADD and ADHD.  The mental and physical involvement required to participate in martial arts classes allows ADHD children to immerse themselves in the activity. This can help them complete the activity, which can boost their self-esteem and confidence in themselves.

Our classes emphasize self-control, including self-discipline and respect for yourself and others. Children must learn to stand quietly and wait for their instructor's next command. Since self-control is often under-developed in children with ADHD, the increased emphasis on these skills can carry over into their home life and school environment. This can lead to better grades and improved behavior. Martial arts can also provide ADHD kids with a healthy way to channel aggression and work out their frustrations.

This sounds great so far!  Can I bring my family in for a tour of your facility?


How do I get my child started?
Call (615) 776-4010 today!

Can my child start your program at any time?
Yes.  But our after school program is in high demand due to the quality of our program. Call to confirm that there is space available for your child.

Do you take public assistance vouchers?

What are the hours?
Our after school program runs from school dismissal time until 6:15pm with late pick-up until 6:30pm.

We provide a positive, safe and educational environment for your child to strengthen their body and mind.

Participant Eligibility: In order to be eligible to participate in the Peaceful Warrior Dojo Programs, participants MUST be able to function in a high-paced group setting without individualized attention and they MUST be able to understand and comply with the behavioral rules and regulations. 

CALL US AT (615) 776-4010