Youth Karate

The youth program is our most dynamic program of development. The children in this program are 5 years old through 11 years old. These students have physical and motor coordination so the rewards of good instruction are amplified. Character building is a very strong part of this program. Self-confidence and self-esteem are generally accepted as fundamental to healthy emotional and mental development of children of this age group. They understand and can experience the benefits of humility, perseverance, determination, and goal setting. These students gain greater self-confidence and greater self-esteem as they see their abilities and skills improve. These classes are 45 minutes, involving a calisthenic warm-up, moral and motivational lessons of the week while stretching, and Karate skill teaching.

Tweens, Teens & Up

The Tweens & Up program is the pinnacle of our youth program. Teens today need role models, character building, physical fitness, and something at which they can excel. Our teen program is the perfect activity for teens. The classes stress self-discipline, and self-control at the Karate studio, at school, in the streets, and at home. Students learn to expand their limits, set short term goals, set long term goals, and to achieve excellence in anything they do. They develop a Winners Never Quits! Quitters Never Win! attitude. Their minds are opened toward new experiences. They develop a sense of belonging, acceptance and approval that many teens crave, both from their peers as well as from adults.

While Tweens, Teens and Adult attend the same class. The goals are very different. Adults in this age group study Karate for many reasons, fitness, stress reduction, group activity, self-defense, etc. Our research has show that eighty-five percent of adults study Karate for self-defense and self-empowerment. Our society amplifies the ideals that the strong conquers the weak, the larger dominates the smaller, and the poor are a threat to the rich. Adult Karate training proves these ideals to be untrue. The physically weak are taught techniques of protection that gives them self-defense abilities. The small size persons are taught that their size is an advantage in lots of situations. The rich and poor are taught that fear usually begins inside with false evidence appearing real. Adults are taught that over coming fear is the first step to self-empowerment. Adult Karate training improves many areas of their life both personal and professional.